Trump Nominates deceased Chief Justice Scalia’s son Eugene to replace
Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta who resigned in  Jeffrey Epstein scandal.


Podesta GUILTY */ **
in Pedophilia Murder */ **/ *** of Scalia

Kreig on Scalia Murder

Michael Savage Confirms US Corp Judge Antonin Scalia Murdered
at Luxury 30,000 acre Killing Ranch probably by a Hooker *


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BEN SWANN | FBI Warned Not to Investigate Scalia’s Murder | 25 FEB 2016
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CNN  |  Justice Scalia’s Unexamined Death Points to a Problem  |  18 FEB 2016

Remember John Poindexter?

He’s the owner of that ranch and was  convicted of Lying to Congress.

Poindexter was convicted on April 7, 1990, of five counts of lying to Congress and obstructing the Congressional committees investigating the Iran-Contra Affair, which were investigating the Reagan Administration’s covert arms sales to Iran and the diversion of proceeds to insurgents fighting the Marxist Government in Nicaragua. The convictions were reversed in 1991 on appeal on the grounds that several witnesses against him had been influenced by his testimony before Congress, even though Congress had given him immunity for that testimony.

WASHINGTON POST  |  Judge Says Forget the Autopsy  |  16 FEB 2016

Autopsy DENIED by US Corp as Tsunami of Scalia Murder & Autopsy articles surface.

12FEB2016 – 2pm USA est

Prior to Mass Media Reports, General Sands Released Notification
by USA Joint Chiefs of Staff that Scalia was Murdered

“Scalia was murdered.  This should bother us more than anything. Scalia was always the dissenting Justice on the 2nd Amendment and other constitutional issues. There was recently a 53 to 46 vote for the UN to take our weapons that was hush-hush. 1/ 2/ 3/  You can see how narrow the margin was. Clarence Thomas is next, and then Obama can go thru with Agenda 21. This is explosive.”

scalia murder

 ACTIVIST POST | Was Scalia Murdered? Forget Conspiracy Theory. This is Real. | 16 FEB 2016 *
Let’s jump right in with quotes from the Washington Post, 2/15, “Conspiracy theories swirl around the death of Antonin Scalia”. The Post published extraordinary statements from the Facebook page of “William O. Ritchie, former head of criminal investigations for D.C. police”:  “As a former homicide commander, I am stunned that no autopsy was ordered for Justice Scalia.”
Dismiss the typical accusations of “conspiracy theory.” It’s no theory when key facts are unknown and incompetents supplied the current “information.”  This is less about Scalia himself than the peculiar process of what is taking place surrounding his death.

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NEW YORK TIMES | Scalia’s Death Ruled Natural Causes over Phone | 14 FEB 2016


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